Our Programs

The Library project

“The Library project is an initiative to build a digital library with an ambience that encourages learning complete with comfortable furniture, computers, books, a fast internet connection, a toilet, running water, and constant electricity with thorough ventilation.”


“Mathskode is a fun way of impacting knowledge to young people to spark their interest in mathematics and help those with deficiency in mathematics as a subject to overcome their fears and improve their maths scores. ”

One Child One School

“A program where students learn to make more informed career choices by going on professional excursions and become more interested in their academics.”

Read a Book

“Read a Book is a program where students become more engaged and interested in reading by participating in monthly book reviews with diverse authors and genres.”


“Techlite is for students who are introduced by professionals in the field to the latest technologies impacting society and education.”


“Schoolhack is a program to encourage students knowledge of technology - coding, creative thinking and problem solving.”

Counsel a child

“Counsel a child involves experienced counsellors providing guidance to young people in areas of career development.”